Maintaining a mold-free home is an ongoing task, but one that helps everyone in your residence breathe easier. Your Los Angeles mold inspectors remain dedicated to keeping area homes healthy and suggest doing the following at least once a month to prevent serious fungal problems. 

Check the Humidity Level

If the humidity level in a home or commercial building is 60% or higher, mold flourishes. This humidity level means there is significant moisture in the air, which provides mold with one of the elements it needs to thrive. Getting in the habit of checking the humidity level on a monthly basis or more often prevents the moisture level from increasing too much. To remain aware of the humidity level, consider investing in a humidity gauge device. You can also look at the humidity level on your dehumidifier(s), as larger models typically display the current humidity. If the level is too high, turn on your dehumidifiers and fans. 

Remind the Family About Wet Towels

Wet towels that languish on bedroom and bathroom floors for days provide conditions for mold. If the towels your family uses always smell musty, launder them with white vinegar in addition to detergent, since the clear, non-toxic liquid kills mold on contact. Depending on how often this problem occurs, you might want to have monthly reminder meetings with your loved ones. Go over the problems mold creates, such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other allergic reactions, and encourage them to hang their towels on hooks. Using hooks over towel bars is always recommended, because the towels can easily drip-dry instead of remaining folded and damp. 

Inspect the Grading Around Your Residence

If the soil around your residence slopes towards your home instead of away from it, it allows rainwater to enter your basement and create an environment for mold. Monthly grading checks prevent basement mold and related water damage, as well as foundation damage from water entering cracks and undergoing freeze/thaw cycles. If you wish to conserve rainwater and therefore use less water from your garden hose, plant greenery with extensive root systems around your property that prevent runnoff issues. You can also design a water garden at the bottom of your yard, if applicable, to conserve water and avoid mold issues. 
For mold testing and removal services in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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