Water damage does not always come in the form of dripping or pouring water from walls, roofs, or appliances. There are many hidden signs of this damage that contribute to mold growth and wood rot if they are not detected quickly. To help you stay on top of water damage in your home, review more common signs your Orange County mold removal team wants you to be aware of. 

Dripping Noises

Unexplained dripping noises indicate water damage somewhere in your home. Check every faucet first to ensure they are all leak-free, then look under the sinks for more evidence. If you still cannot find the leak, see if you hear water dripping within the walls or in the attic upon visiting the storage space. It also helps to inspect every water-using appliance in your home for dripping sounds. Once you locate the drip site, contact your water damage specialists in Orange County to take care of the issue. If you cannot find the drip site despite your best efforts, contact water remediation experts to locate and solve the problem. 

Never let a dripping noise go unchecked, because the issue is not going to solve itself. What it will do is cause wood rot and mold growth that compromise your home’s structural stability and air quality. 

Soft Drywall

The drywall in your home is not supposed to feel soft. If it does, there is likely a roof leak or plumbing pipe leak. A malfunctioning water-using appliance also contributes to soft drywall, such as a leaking second-story washing machine or a dishwasher leaking into a finished basement. Contact your flood damage team the minute you realize the drywall is soft or wet. Unless the issue is minor, such as from someone in your home accidentally getting water on the walls, soft drywall requires professional attention. 

Higher Water Bill If your water bill seems higher, compare it to last year’s bill around the same time. Should you be unable to explain what caused the spike, such as relatives visiting over the holiday season, hidden water damage is the likely culprit. A leaking water line contributes to a higher bill, as do malfunctioning water-using appliances. For example, if the water heater in your basement recently started leaking, you’ll pay a higher utility bill until the issue is professionally resolved. 
For water damage restoration services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today.

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