Water damage often brings to mind images of the liquid pouring from a ceiling, leaking plumbing pipe, malfunctioning appliance, or anywhere else. Yet, there are plenty of hidden signs of this highly-detrimental damage to be aware of. To help you maintain a safe, dry, mold-free residence, review hidden signs your Los Angeles mold inspectors want you to know about. 

Peeling Paint & Wallpaper

If the paint or wallpaper anywhere in your home starts peeling or otherwise lifting from the wall, water damage is present. Such damage usually indicates a leaking plumbing pipe, though a roof leak could also be to blame, depending on the location. Water causes the adhesive properties in paint and the backing on wallpaper to deteriorate, resulting in unsightly damage that can be expensive to repair. Depending on the degree of damage, the drywall might need replacing, in addition to replacing the wallpaper or paint. 

Brownish Discoloration on Ceilings & Walls

Brownish, often circular stains on ceilings and walls tell you water has traveled where it shouldn’t. These stains appear when the liquid evaporates and leaves sediment and other contaminants behind. They often crop up because of roofing and plumbing leaks, though leaking appliances can also be to blame. For example, if your laundry room is on the second floor of your home and your washing machine leaks for any reason, brownish stains can start appearing on the ceiling of the first floor if the leak is not caught quickly. 

Musty Odors

That familiar musty odor tells you mold is growing somewhere in your home, such as behind a wall. It takes mold 48 to 72 hours to reproduce in the right environment, i.e. a dark, damp environment with a “food source,” such as your home’s structural beams. Mold breaks down organic matter in the natural world and unfortunately does the same to wood and other natural materials in your home. If you smell musty smells and experience mold allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, wheezing, and coughing, schedule mold testing immediately. Professional mold removal services in Orange County remove every trace of the fungus to keep your home healthy. 
For mold inspection, testing, and removal services, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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