Periodic air quality testing for your Orange County residence ensures your indoor air is high-quality. There are many factors that negatively impact indoor air, which can trigger asthma flare-ups and allergic reactions. Some of the most common reactions include sneezing, wheezing, sinus congestion, eye watering, and throat irritation. To help you maintain the air in your home, review what could be affecting it below. 

Pet Dander

Like humans, pets shed skin cells on a daily basis. Known as dander, it appears as tiny white flakes and is classified as an allergen. Pet dander is frequently a component of dust and causes allergic reactions in those with cat or dog allergies, such as visiting friends and family members. It can also contribute to reactions among household members who are not allergic to pets, due to its frequent appearance in dust. Dander and many other allergens make up dust, including insect remains, dirt particles, rodent droppings, and dead skin. Brushing your pets helps keep dander issues at bay. 

Off-Gassing Chemicals

Paints, paint thinners, solvents, chemical cleaning products, carpets, and furniture are among the products and materials that can off-gas, or release volatile chemical compounds (VOC) into the air. An off-gassing mattress, for example, can smell like sulfur, vinegar, ammonia, burning plastic, or garbage, depending on the chemicals used in its construction. Toxic chemicals in household air present respiratory health issues, especially among those with chemical sensitivities or asthma. Store chemicals in your garage or shed to mitigate these issues. 

Excessive Humidity

Severe interior humidity, or humidity over 60%, is more than uncomfortable. It also provides an environment for mold to flourish, as most strains reproduce in 60% humidity or higher. It takes between 48 and 72 hours for mold to reproduce and spread. Infestations trigger allergic reactions, in addition to causing structural damage. The fungus breaks down organic materials, such as wooden structural components, which eventually causes stability issues. Any infestation over 10 square feet requires mold removal services from your Los Angeles team to avoid inhaling spores and experiencing reactions. Mold remediation experts have the tools, protective gear, and equipment to eliminate the infestation safely. 
For mold remediation services in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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