When it comes to maintaining indoor air quality, educating yourself on common contaminants is key. Annual air quality testing in your Los Angeles home is also helpful, because it lets you know which contaminants are affecting your home the most. To help you stay ahead of air quality issues, review more factors that cause problems. 

Ventilation Problems

Without proper ventilation, your home becomes subject to carbon dioxide accumulation. Typical symptoms indicating high carbon dioxide levels include hypersensitivity, fatigue, and headaches. High levels can even cause psychological distress that impacts your relationships with family members. Functional ventilation fans in the bathroom(s) and kitchen avoid these issues, as do intake and exaust vents in your roof and attic. Ensuring such vents remain unblocked is also key. 


It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes indoors contributes to poor indoor air quality due to the many chemicals that most “cigs” feature, including formaldehyde, lead, ammonia, and benzene, among numerous others. However, what you may not know is that vaping products contain harmful chemicals that impact indoor air quality, such as propylene, acetaldehyde, isoprene, toluene, and aldehyde. Using all tobacco and e-cigarette products outdoors away from open windows remains the best way to avoid containing indoor air. If you and your family members can quit tobacco products, that is even better due to how they affect respiratory and overall health. 


Pollen from assorted plants is a common component in dust. It triggers allergic reactions whether it is in dust or not, and typically appears as yellow-colored coatings on various surfaces. Ragweed is a main pollen source, with the contaminant entering your home through open windows and doors, hair, skin, pets, and clothing. Changing when you come inside, washing your hair, bathing your pets often, and keeping windows and doors closed helps mitigate pollen-related issues. It is also helpful to check the day’s pollen count before going outside. If the count is high, try waiting to do your errands or other outdoor activities.  

For air quality testing in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. This renowned business also provides mold testing, inspection, and removal services, as well as water restoration services. 

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