There are seemingly endless strains of mold, many of which can cause detrimental health effects and contribute to structural damage since the fungus consumes cellulose. If you recently scheduled mold removal services for your Orange County home, learning about what causes the mold to spread helps prevent future infestations. Take a minute to review some of the top causes as part of your ongoing mold prevention education. 

High Humidity

Most mold strains flourish when humidity is 60% or higher. Excessive humidity means there’s significant moisture in the air, which can result in condensation on household features and objects that are cooler, such as window panes and glasses of ice water. Many items in your home that are damp from humidity allow mold to grow since the fungus attaches to organic materials such as clothing and other fabric, paper products, and wood. Keep the humidity level in your home between 30% and 50% to avoid mold problems. 

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks have numerous sources, such as clogged gutters that allow rainwater to back up under shingles. Storm damage can also cause roof leaks from high winds ripping off shingles and tree branches slamming into the structure, resulting in broken shingles. No matter what the reason is for a leaking roof, the wet underlayment and rafters provide an environment for mold that can spread to your attic and the rest of your home. 

Schedule annual roof inspections to check for leaks, or any time after a major storm. Clean the gutter system at least twice a year to prevent clogs that result in roof damage, leaks, and mold growth. 

Poor Ventilation

Rooms in your home with high moisture content, such as the kitchen, bathroom(s), and laundry room, require adequate ventilation to avoid mold infestations. Make certain all of the vents in your home, including the ones connecting your attic to your roof, are functioning at optimal levels and are therefore free of clogs. If you need your ventilation system repaired or replaced, schedule services immediately to maintain a dry residence. 
For professional mold inspection services in Glendale, call Mold Masters. The Orange County mold inspectors also offer testing and removal services. 

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